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  • We had been using a more complex time keeping package, however annual support fees, the standard support staff response of "Upgrade and the problem will go away." and the fact that upgrades were not included with the annual support fees lead us to go looking for other options. We wanted something simple, relatively open, and that wasn't going to break the bank. Analyzer is fulfilling all these requirements. A key advantage for us is that the database structure is open, so we can build additional web based query and report functions and make them available via our Intranet.
    Alchemy Group Ltd

  • Time analyzer is a cost effective way of measuring the efficiency in this company. We produce a range of products, so keeping track of the actual costs of production was very difficult. Time analyzer allows you to create reports that management can use to forecast profits and that production managers can use to manage human resources. As a production manager my job has become a lot easier, and productivity has increased since using this software. 
    Dan Willdridge - Production Manager. 
    Autogrow Systems Ltd

  • Analyzer was chosen by us to capture actual production time spent in our job shop manufacturing environment on various tasks, work center cells or jobs. Its simplicity, flexibility and ease of use reduced the implementation and learning curve to a minimum. Floor staff needed less than an hour of instruction to master the simple data input procedures. Deviations from scheduled standard manufacturing hours can be captured in real time on line and analyzed after completion of individual tasks or jobs. The inbuilt reporting facilities are detailed and well structured. Data can also be exported to excel for further scrutiny or to create graphs. The setup of the task list needs to be done with care to avoid possible future limitations. If you look for a low cost simple yet powerful process time collection software look no further.
    Raeto Zryd

  • We chose Analyzer after an extensive search for a time keeping package to replace our custom developed software which was becoming obsolete. Analyzer was found to be a very effective replacement which the staff very quickly adapted to.  The simplicity of use and array of reports available are some of its main benefits. The software has now been in use for over four  years  and on the few occasions I have contacted customer support the response and service has been excellent.
    Mark Horton -

  • During the growth of Navman Wireless we have utilized several systems for time-keeping, including website based and spreadsheet, with limited value. We implemented Analyzer Plus for our time-keeping solution as an interim measure whilst developing an Enterprise solution for our 70+ staff.  Analyzer Plus has proven itself a straightforward solution that is both easy to implement, and effective in providing the management information needed for Project management and reporting. To this end we continue to use Analyzer plus after 2+ years, and it remains our primary time-keeping and reporting solution.
    Chris Bradley - VP Product Management
    Navman Wireless

  • Just a quick note, I have been using your program for a few weeks now and I would like to tell you that it is excellent and has opened a whole new view on job costing.
    Thanks - Stephen.
    Tate Engineering -

  • I've been impressed with the one on one support that Paul has given me via email. I have run into a few technical difficulties and he has been extremely helpful in resolving all issues. I like the software and have tried many different time changing demo versions and Analyzer+ is by far the easiest to use and has the features I was looking for. Thanks for a great product, supported by even better customer service/tech support!
    Regards, Kris Duryea. 
    Team Friday -

  • ....Good job, the new version does seem to run much smoother.
    We must have been using your product now for over four years without any problems.
    We use it primarily to access employee performance and with continued analysis we achieve very accurate job costing.
    Darrell White -

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